Noise in the Ear

The medical term is Tinnitus.

Yes, there is Help!

                                                      You are not alone, in the United States 26% of the population aged 65 or older are

                                                      affected by this condition called Tinnitus.


                                                      Tinnitus is a condition where there are different and sometimes variably changing and

                                                      intertwining sounds like ringing, hissing, static, crickets, screeching, sirens, whooshing,

                                                      roaring, pulsing, ocean waves, buzzing, clicking, dial tones and sometimes even music,

                                                      in the head or ears of a person with the absence of real physical noise.



                                                      It is not a disease, but a symptom that there is a problem in a person's hearing system.

                                                      The exact cause of Tinnitus cannot always be identified, even after examination by a



Possible Causes of Tinnitus Include


                                                         Adverse reactions to certain medications, such as antibiotics, diuretics, quinine and even aspirin.

                                                          Ménière's Disease - a condition that affects a part of the inner ear.

                                                          Otitis Media - a middle ear infection.

                                                          Ear Wax build - up that blocks the ear.

                                                          Otosclerosis -an inherited condition where an abnormal bone growth in the middle ear. 

                                                          Hypertension - high blood pressure.

                                                          Sudden or very loud noise, such as exposure to loud concerts, gunfire or an explosion.

                                                          Perforated Eardrum.


There is no known cure, however

 this Chinese herbal formula

will bring relief beyond your expectations*




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                                               The X-Tinnitus ingredients that make it work

Radix Rehmanniae Preparata (root)

Fructus Corni (fruit)

Cortex Moutan (root)

Rhizoma Dioscoreae (root)

Poria (root)

Rhizoma Alismatis (root)

Radix Bupleuri (root)



Formulated by Chinese Master Herbalists

A sound remedy for the ringing, buzzing, humming, roaring and hissing,
otherwise known as "Tinnitus".


                                                               X -Tinnitus, is an ancient Chinese remedy that withstood the test of time,                                                      

                                                               helping to cope with the effects of tinnitus by seriously reducing the "noise" in your

                                                               head naturally.  X-Tinnitus  is an all natural herbal product, formulated to help

                                                               relieve the effects of tinnitus safely with no side effects.*


                                                               Please Note:

                                                               As with all natural herbal remedies, this products starts to work slowly but surely.

                                                               The full benefit is felt by the time you complete taking the second bottle.


                                                               Do not take this product if you are pregnant or nursing.



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